Always Earned Never Given (Small) – Stainless Steel Medal Hanger Display


Size:               11.50″ X 4.92″ X 1.46″ Materials:

#4 Brushed Stainless Steel w/Decorative Backing

(5) Decorative Knobs, comfortably accommodates 1 to 6 Medals

Features:   Unique offset Design so Medals hang freely away from wall, EZ Mount Wall Returns


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Introducing SSMS3

Always Earned Never Given – Small Medal Display  When we first presented our company and our signature SSMS2 distinct Medal Displays to the BAA and the Boston Marathon, back in 2013, the BAA loved them and the door was open for us to partner with them. They loved the two prototypes we presented but commented that they wanted more product offerings from us. Nell and I had always been very cautious about our product offerings as we would only consider new products at lower price points IF and only IF the Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC brand and quality shined through. When the BAA and Boston Marathon asks you to jump, you say, “yes sir….yes maam, how high?, and it would be our pleasure!”


As a result we introduced our SSMS3 line of products which our smaller stainless steel medal displays with knobs initially for the Boston Marathon 2014. We introduced to date, five unique SSMS3 Boston Marathon Medal Displays and in the past two years, they have been a hit, having sold them in 50 States and or Provinces and nine different countries. Continuing on the success of the SSMS3 line for the Boston Marathon, we have made a corporate decision to bring the SSMS3, or smaller Medal Displays, to the rest of the endurance sporting world and we are proud to introduce our SSMS3-AENG Medal Display. Some in the Medal Display market might have you believe that the “Always Earned Never Given” phrase originated in the Medal Display world. It did not. “Earned Not Given” originated with the USMC, United States Marine Corp. The USMC was spot with its slogan. Cheers!!!

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Weight 2.5 lbs

Black, Blue, Copper, Hot Pink, Metallic Red


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