Mike Anderson

In 2015 I took up cycling and did pretty well with it. Quickly adapting to 100 mile rides/races. In October of 2016 I decided to try running for cross training since it was a rainy year. After about 3.5 months, I decided to run a marathon because I remember my dad doing it when I was a kid. I ran the Napa Marathon and was 9 minutes off a Boston Qualifier. Figured with little know how in 3.5 quick months of running and I could come that close… The first marathon led to my first 50k ultra which I won overall (it was small but still counts). The rest is kind of history from there. My previous running experience includes the 2021 Boston Marathon, Cuyamaca

Coach Tony Rich

I am Tony Rich, Level 2 USA T-Certified Coach, Ironman Certified Coach, Certified Sport Nutritionist & Founder and Managing Director of Event Horizon Endurance Sport. Over the past 20 years, I have completed over 100 long course events, Including nearly 100 Marathons and became a Genius World Record holder. Needless to say, I have alot of medals. I chose Blue Diamond Athletic Displays as my choice for medal display. Blue Diamond Displays are created with unbelievable quality and detail. The integration, brilliant coloring, and design in the medal shows a beautiful quality display guaranteed to stand a tested time. This is why I am an advocate for Blue Diamond Athletic Displays and I highly recommended to all our athlete


I’m a mom of two, I work 2 jobs, and my passion is running. I run six days/week, and strength & cross train 7 days/week in addition. I’ve been running since high school, but not until my (now 21 year old) daughter ran her 1st cross country race, did I consider putting on a race bib. I just finished my 12th marathon in Corning, New York in September. I’m now training for my 13th marathon – Carmel, IN in March 2019. To me, the medal at the finish line represents far more than the 26.2 miles on race day. It’s the reward for 16-18 weeks of 4:30 am wake-ups, outdoor runs in sometimes brutal conditions, 50+ miles/week and cross training to exhaustion. When I bring

Andy Querio

My name is Andy Querio and I live in Aurora, IL. I have been a very happy customer of Nell and Ken at Blue Diamond Athletic Displays since their beginning. But, more than that, I have been proud and good friends with both of them over these many years. I’ve watched them sprout from a small seed and continue to grow over the years to where they help runners across the country proudly display their many accomplishments. The product speaks for itself – solid, heavy duty, and unique to each runner’s tastes. They both understand and get runners, aware of what makes us tick, and work with each individual. Nell and Ken worked with my idea and helped create a special medal display for my

Dave Ross

I’ve been running for some 37 years now, since I was a freshman in high school. I ran some OK times as a younger man including a 1:12:57 half marathon and 2:36:57 for the marathon. As a master I’ve run under 3 hours for the marathon a handful of times including a 2:59:43 at CIM in 2016 at age 49. I’m planning on running the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships in Spokane On December 8th and then half marathon races in January and in early March. After that I plan to try to switch gears and run some shorter, faster races in the sing and summer and will probably look to run a ‘fast’ half marathon in the fall. No full marathons on my

Genaro Gonzalez

Accomplishments: Abbott World Marathon Majors 6 Star Boston 2 Big Sur Dopey Challenge 2 IRONMANs 6 IRONMAN – 70.3s 2 Oceanman Cozumel 10 KM Over 30 Marathons under 4 hours 2019 events: Tokyo Marathon London Marathon Berlin Marathon Chicago Marathon Oceanman Cozumel 10 KM El Cruce Cancún – Isla Mujeres 10 KM *With Chicago Marathon I will become the first Mexican with TWO rounds of Abbott World Marathon Majors. I always strive for the best training, the best nutrition, the best equipment, and the best races. The circle is now complete owning with the very best stainless steel medal displays in the world, by Blue Diamond Athletic

Kathleen Taylor and Aiden Jaquez

I bought my first Blue Diamond athletic display years ago when the company first started. (I wasn’t sure of the year). I met Nell at a local race and fell in love with the displays. When Aiden started accumulating medals Blue Diamond made him a custom display which he loves. I think I’ve bought a total of 5 displays. They are the best. The craftsmanship is beyond amazing and I love supporting a local small business. Aiden and I are in the process of running a half marathon in every state. Aiden ran his first half marathon at age 6 and will finish his 50th in October 2019 at the age of 11, thus setting a world record to be the youngest to do so. Next up


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