Loving Life… One Mile At a Time (small in stature, but bold in quality)-Stainless Steel


Size:               11.50″ X 4.92″ X 1.46″ Materials:

#4 Brushed Stainless Steel w/Decorative Backing

(5) Decorative Knobs, comfortably accommodates 1 to 10 Medals

(2) Bib hanging loops

Features:   Unique offset Design so Medals hang freely away from wall, EZ Mount Wall Returns

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Anyone who has ever taken to running, knows training runs and races do not always go as planned. Over time you realize that all runs do not go well. Some go better than others. Sound advice for runners of all levels, from one of our very first customers, Jessy Bobby, is to approach any run or race “One Mile At a Time”. In training the “One Mile At a Time” approach does two things, it allows you to get the best out of your training, and it also allows you to fully enjoy each and every running moment in time.

This  one is with a little spin. In Ken’s words, we are…  ” Loving Life… One Mile At a Time” Enjoy!   ‪#‎goodtimesnoodlesalad

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, Inc.   – Chicago Metro Exports Grant Recipient- 2015

Official Medal Display Company for the Boston Marathon®

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays manufactures Medal Displays for endurance athletes around the world. Blue Diamond provides stainless steel, powder-coated steel and solid oak medal displays for finishers to hang their hard earned medals with pride.

Blue Diamond is a 100% USA based debt free company, was started by two marathon runners in Chicago.  The company was established in Downers Grove, IL on Oct. 10th, 2010.

Although, this is a small business, Blue Diamond has grown quickly largely in part to having been selected as the Official Medal Display Company for the world renowned Boston Marathon, followed by other major marathons in 2014 and on.

Due to partnerships with world major endurance athletic events, Blue Diamond medal displays have been recognized and consumed and showcased by athletes around the world.

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC was recently awarded and exports grant by Chicago Metro Exports Grant and their support system couldn’t have come at a better time for this small business. Thank you Chicago Metro Exports!! As a result our website is now available in 6 total languages, serving the needs of our customers across the world.

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC appreciates the tremendous support they have been received by the running community throughout the years,

Much Love,

Blue Diamond Family…


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Black, Blue, Copper, Hot Pink, Metallic Red, Soft Pink


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