Boston Marathon® – Gold Medal Hanger Display with Boston traditional log colors


This one-of-a-kind, exclusive Display features the following:
Our new and improved with greater detail, sleek Runner Tabs for hanging your Medals. We have increased the offset height for those looking to double and triple up on the Tabs.

-Ideal Size at 14” X 10-3/4” X ¾”
-Offset Design so Medals hang freely away from wall and not all bundled up
-Our Blue Diamond “Mixed Media” Design approach featuring our decorative backings – Classic, Gold and Black Color combination


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This original and unique BAA approved Boston Marathon Medal Display with traditional Boston blue and yellow colors are a result of combining our strengths as a company and listening to our customer base. We would not be who we are today if not for the best customers/friends/athletes in the world.
This is our PSMS3-Boston1 Medal Display, which in short, means it is our third generation, powder coated, with new and improved runner tabs designed specifically for the Boston Marathon.All Products

We listened carefully to our customers and many were looking for Blue Diamond Quality Display that was somewhere in the middle of our SSMS3 series Boston Marathon Medal Display, our smaller version Displays and our SSMS2 series, or signature family, largest Stainless Steel Medal Displays on the market, at an attractive price point.

And Voila!…..

More on the evolution of this product!


The Evolution of a Product-The Blue Diamond Way!


About our products:

  1. First and foremost, our products were conceived, designed, developed and prototyped in the USA.
  2. Once we created our initial displays which are truly unique in the market, tested them and approved them for production, we began production manufacturing in the USA. Today we are proud to say that our entire enterprise from “soup to nuts” takes place in Chicago, IL.
  3. We are the most diverse Athletic Display company offering our “SS” or Stainless Steel Displays,  our “PS” or Powdercoated Steel series line featuring proprietary powders, and our “SO” line  featuring Solid Oak Medal Displays which we proudly feature cutting in 2D or 3D.
  4. Our superior designed Displays, allow for Medals to hang freely and clearly visible and not bunched up against the wall , overlapping and on top of one another.
  5. Unlike our competitors who offer simple, small, one piece construction designs, flush wall mounted products, our products feature the following:
  • Decorative Backings offered in a wide array of colors which can be hand-painted as a FREE option by our professional Artist.
  • Brushed Satin Nickel Knobs or Offset Form Tabs
  • Brushed Stainless Steel for “SS” Series or Powdercoated Steel for “PS” Series
  • Largest Displays in the Industry competitively priced allow for more Medals to be hung and clearly visible.
  • Competitively priced Customized Displays. We will be happy to take your ideas and run with them!
  • Two Welded EZ Wall Mounting Bracket allow for quick and reliable mounting
  1. Your Display, displaying your hard earned athletic achievements, will be a sure fire conversation piece wherever it is mounted!

Additional information


Black, Traditional Boston Colors


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