I’m a mom of two, I work 2 jobs, and my passion is running. I run six days/week, and strength & cross train 7 days/week in addition. I’ve been running since high school, but not until my (now 21 year old) daughter ran her 1st cross country race, did I consider putting on a race bib. I just finished my 12th marathon in Corning, New York in September. I’m now training for my 13th marathon – Carmel, IN in March 2019.

To me, the medal at the finish line represents far more than the 26.2 miles on race day. It’s the reward for 16-18 weeks of 4:30 am wake-ups, outdoor runs in sometimes brutal conditions, 50+ miles/week and cross training to exhaustion. When I bring that medal home it’s not going to be hidden in a drawer, forgotten.

When I first saw Blue Diamond’s medal displays I was instantly drawn to the sleek, modern lines, and quality materials.  They are very unique, I’ve never seen anything that comes close to their style and quality! Not only are Blue Diamond’s displays top quality, so are the people of Blue Diamond! Ken & Nell and their family are warm, personable, and they truly give back to the running community. As runners, they understand the sacrifice of training, and they make their own sacrifices to create beautiful, one of a kind displays that enhance any home. They truly understand what runners want, and they offer seamless customer service along with their fine products.