Rock ‘n’ Roll Medal Display Hanger

$139.00 $119.99

Rock ‘n’ Roll 7 Athlete Tabs medal display Hanger

Size: 14” X 10-3/4” X ¾”

Materials: Powder Coated Steel w/Decorative Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Color Backing

(7) Decorative Athletes Tabs, comfortably accommodates 1-28 Medals

Features: Unique offset Design so Medals hang freely away from wall, EZ Mount Wall Returns


Official Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series Medal Display – Runner  Tabs

How do you hang medals?

Rock n’ Roll Marathon Medal Display hanger is a must have for its finishers. In other words, distinctive Blue Diamond Medal Displays stand above the rest of the medal hangers in the market. In addition, this medal hanger features Blue Diamond original, runner tabs. For instance, Blue Diamond use environmentally friendly black powder coat finish with distinctive authentic logo color backings. Therefore, the look of this medal display steal the spotlight from the rest of the medal racks in the market. In addition, Blue Diamond products take place in USA from design to production.

Above all, you have completed the Rock n’ Roll marathon series events and earned that special medal. Therefore, you deserve nothing less…. And, this is for you, enjoy!

(Medals are for the pictures only). Medal credit – Sherri Anderson & Larry Kravets – IL)

About our product(s):

  1. Entire enterprise from “soup to nuts” takes place in the western suburbs of Chicago IL. – USA.
  2. Blue Diamond Medal Displays are the most diverse medal hangers in the market. We offer top of the line Stainless Steel Displays in various sizes, a Powder-coated Steel series line featuring proprietary powders and athlete hanging tabs and 5 distinctive product families.
  3. Our clever designs, allow Medals to hang freely and clearly visible. Medals will not bunched up against the wall like other medal racks in the market.
Products Features:
This medal hanger speaks volumes to what it meant to be a long distance runner.
  • Allow more Medals to settle in with style.
  • Decorative Backings colors are vibrant and will not fade. (Rock ‘n’ Roll products are in brand specific colors).
  • Offset, proprietary Athlete Hanging Tabs, a Blue Diamond original.
  • Durable powder-coated Steel.
  • Blind mounting technic help hardware to be not visible.

Your attractive display is an instant conversation piece, the moment it is on the wall. Enjoy! Please make sure to let the world know about your experience with Blue Diamond in one CLICK. See you soon! Much Love, Blue Diamond Family.


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