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Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC. – “Where Quality Exceeds Expectations!”

Official Medal Display Company for the Boston Marathon® , IRONMAN®, New York City Marathon®, CIM and more…


Meet the Posmers…

At Blue Diamond Athletic Displays INC., we design, engineer, and manufacture High End Athletic Displays. We specialize in combining Artistic Elements with state of the Art Design and Manufacturing Techniques to create a means for all athletes alike to celebrate their athletic journeys and accomplishments.

The best thing co-founders Ken and Nell Posmer did at the outset was to NOT look at the market and other existing products. In doing so, Ken with his 30 years of design and manufacturing experience teamed up with his professional artist wife Nell, and created something truly unique, something truly beautiful.

Their blend of experience and combined skill sets, enable them to create amazing Displays that are Art Quality and become instant conversation pieces wherever they are mounted for the price of a good pair of running shoes.

As endurance athletes, Ken & Nell understand the challenges, amount of effort, sacrifice and dedication their athletes face each and every day. This awareness fuels Blue Diamond’s customer focus to be the very best in the industry.

Although Ken & Nell are as “Mom and Pop” and as “Hands On” as it gets, and proud of it, Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC. is diverse in their product offerings. With a plethora of CAD/CAM and Graphics Software to work with, unsurpassed manufacturing horsepower, and a professional artist on staff, Blue Diamond has the ability to handle orders ranging from one special customized Display to high volume for larger events.

Logan's Grand Rapids MI after celebrating another great Blue Diamond day! Good Times, Noodle Salad!

Logan’s Grand Rapids MI celebrating another great Blue Diamond day! Good Times, Noodle Salad!

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC. specializes in 4 families of Displays:


Series Displays which are our Top Selling 2nd Generation #4 Finish Stainless Steel Displays


Series Displays which are 1st Generation Powder Coated ASTM A 1008 Carbon Steel Displays offered in Multiple Colors which feature our unique, one of a kind, Athlete Tabs.


Series Displays or Solid Oak



3rd Generation Stainless Steel Displays, a scaled down sweetheart version,  building on the success of  our signature line SSMS2 Displays, and at the request of our customers and the BAA for the Boston Marathon 2014.

When we first presented our Displays to the BAA for the Boston Marathon, they commented that they loved them but wanted more of them.

Nell and I have long debated whether we wanted to enter into lower price point markets. We were in agreement that if  we did, the Displays would have to be: either distinctively Blue Diamond look, feel and superior quality OR they would have to be something unlike anything on the market. We are confident we filled both criteria and our new family of SSMS3 Displays have been released for Boston Marathon 2015.  See the various flavors on our products or Boston Marathon page.

Small in stature but bold in quality, we are exited about the SSMS3 family product line as we have entered into an entirely new market.

Our REE-liptangle shaped Displays are the largest in the Industry and the only Displays that utilize Mixed Media. It is no wonder that they are also quickly becoming widely known as the Best Displays on the market.

Our customers, who become part of the Blue Diamond extended family, and who have trained for 1000’s of hours to achieve their athletic accomplishments deserve the Best.

The Official Medal Display Company for the Boston Marathon®

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC, “Where Quality Exceeds Expectations!”