The Origination of the name “Blue Diamond”.


Some of you may wonder, how did we come up with the name “Blue Diamond”? No, we are not anyway associated with the almond company, although we do like Blue Diamond almonds. The name was derived from the owner’s first name in Sinhala, the language from her home country Sri Lanka. Owner Nell Posmer’s real first name is “Nilmini”, and Nilmini means Blue Diamond in Sinhala. Blue diamonds are very rare in nature and are very valuable. They get their blueish color from trace amounts of boron and belong to the “fancy color diamonds” family.

Having captured the high end Medal Display market, a Blue Diamond Medal Display is also rare in its originality, uniqueness, and perceived and real value in the marketplace as well. So there was some thought put into the name of the company. The Blue Diamond brand has lived up to it’s name origination.

What makes our company somewhat unique, and allows us produce the highest end, Medal Displays on the market, is that the Owner, Nilmini “Nell” Posmer, before she was putting beautiful finishing touches on our Medal Displays, she was a professional artist. Since she was a young girl, she has always had the gift of adding beauty to anything she comes into contact with. To a large extent, it was through her artist background, and quite by accident ,that Blue Diamond got started.

As a featured Artist of the Month at the Downers Grove library, you can read her interesting bio. The journey of true entrepreneurs rarely comes easy, and Nell has faced many hardships and challenges in her own personal life, that prepared her for tackling successfully Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, INC.

Downers Grove Library Featured Artist July 2010

Featured Artist 2010

Nilmini Posmer-Featured Artist Downers Grove library July 2010








“3 Friends”, Oil on Canvas

Back when the Competitor Group, Rock-and-Roll Series Races used to have Official Artists, Nell was named to be the Official Artist for the Inaugural Chicago Rock-and-Roll Marathon in 2009. She was actually the first Official Artist, to not only be the artist, but to actually run in the race on Sunday. So on Friday and Saturday, Nell was on her feet all day long signing and selling official posters, and she sold a ton, and on Sunday she ran in the Half Marathon. In the Official Program, Competitor Group did a two-page feature article on her.

Chicago Rock-and-Roll 2009 Inaugural Half Marathon

It was at that event where the Blue Diamond journey unexpectedly began. In addition to the Official Painting that was raffled off for charity, posters of the Official painting and Nell’s many works, Oil on Canvas, Blue Diamond had brought their own personal Medal Display to accent the booth.

RNR 2009

Chicago Inaugural Rock-and-Roll Half Marathon 2009

While Nell’s paintings did garner a lot of attention, it was really the Medal Display that all the runners seemed interested in. You can see it here below. One participant offered up $200.00 to purchase their Medal Display. Because Nell made Rock-and-Roll a lot of money selling posters that year, she was invited back in 2010 to become the Artist once again.

Like in 2009, they once again brought their Medal Display to accent the booth and had a Notebook to take names of those interested in the Medal Display. In total, over 30 participants were interested in the Medal Display, and of the 30, 22 of them turned into hard orders that day. Blue Diamond hand delivered their first Medal Display order to Jessy Bobby, of Ann Arbor MI, at the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10 and the journey began!!!

The Blue Diamond journey begins.

It was quite apparent that the Blue Diamond Medal Display had created quite a buzz back in 2009 and 2010, so much so that we were approached by Competitor Group to become their Official Medal Display Company when we were just months into our Blue Diamond journey. We could not reach an agreement on the terms, so we passed. Quite honestly, we were not quite ready to partner with them only have been in business for a few short months. However it did become apparent that this would not be our last opportunity with World renown events.

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The Blue Diamond Team