How do you hang your medals, especially Boston Marathon® Medals? 

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays is pleased to introduce over 10 different designs of Boston Marathon® specific Official Medal Displays.  Did you know, all of these products are manufactured in the Chicagoland area in Illinois?

Support a small business. Support Made in USA products.


To help you with, “How to hang Boston Marathon Medals medals?” – Blue Diamond Medal Displays will assist you with nothing but the best.

Over the past 4 years, the Blue Diamond brand has been a huge hit among many Boston Marathoners and with the BAA. To date, we are happy and proud to announce that we have sold Boston Marathon® Medal Displays in over 50 States and Provinces and 16 different countries.

Building on last year’s success, we have added few new designs for 2017 that we are excited about. The 2018 production Displays are getting ready for review and will be ready to purchase in  early January 2018.

Once again, we are honored to be part of such a prestigious event and storied tradition and will put our best foot forward in doing what we do best, bringing smiles to our customers’ faces with our Medal Displays.

Our existing Boston products are currently available and continue to be some of our hottest selling items.Ken&Nell_Boston09

Why Blue Diamond?

Many runners have stockpiled their hard earned finisher medals over the years, and have no way to showcase their hard work. Runners will typically spend 1000s of hours training for these running events, and upon receipt of that well earned beautiful finisher medal, the medals end up collecting dust in a shoe box, door knob, on a peg, or a hook.

Just like you, we are endurance athletes that understand the commitment, the dedication, the work and 1000’s of hours of sweat you put into your athletic achievements.

This understanding fuels our passion to provide the very best Medal Displays and partner with the very best.

We have multiple families of Medal Displays to suit your needs and we are always introducing new designs and capabilities to stay current and because that is who we are…. and it’s fun!

We created our first Medal Display in a vacuum. We had no idea that there were other hooks, racks and hangers available to perform the same function. Because we did not know products existed, we worked from a clean sheet of paper and our combined talents of a 30 year experienced engineer, and a professional artist, created something truly unique.

We take great pride at events when we continually hear……”We have seen other products, but nothing like yours!”

All our products are conceived, designed, engineered, prototyped and developed, manufactured, assembled, packaged and shipped in the USA.

WE DO….what many believe cannot be done in the USA!

A Blue Diamond Display will make a great gift for that special athlete in your life. How to hang medals? can be answered in many ways such as, tossing them into a Shoe Boxes, Shadow Boxes, Hooks, Racks, Pegboards, Door Knobs, and Drawers. You would not be here if you are looking to settle for a place like that. For that, we thank you! We have created the best place for you to display your medals. Hope you will enjoy your new Blue Diamond Medal Display for many years.

Blue Diamond Athletic Displays, Inc.

“Where Quality Exceeds Expectations!”

Good Times, Noodle Salad,

Ken & Nell @ The Blue Diamond Family